Dr. Birendra Trivedi’s did his Fellowship at Nassau County Medical Center, East Meadow in 1997. Thereafter, he started his professional career working as a neurologist. He is a Member of the American Academy of Neurology. He is an attending Neurologist at North Shore University Hospital at Plainview, NY. He is also Chief of Neurology at St. Joseph Hospital (formerly New Island Hospital) at Bethpage, NY. He is Board Certified in Adult Neurology.


His career spans 16 years during which Dr. Trivedi has earned laurels for his professionalism, patient care and for his insight into the Neuro disorders of all kinds. From brain disorders, spinal cord disorders, neuropathies of all kinds, seizure disorders, movement disorders – Parkinson’s disease, tremors, , Tourette’s Syndrome, migraines, head aches of all kinds, lower back and neck pains, neuropsychiatric diseases – associated with known nervous system injury, underdevelopment, biochemical, anatomical, or electrical malfunction, and/or disease pathology e.g. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive compulsive disorder as well as the neurobehavioral associated symptoms of degenerative dis-orders of the nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremor, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple sclerosis and organic psychosis), strokes, Lyme disease – Dr. Trivedi has seen it all.


I’m a well- experience general surgeon who is treating hernias, skin tumours and chronic migraines using modern and advanced techniques.


Dr. Trivedi founded Island Neuro Care around 1999 and developed a very successful patient following. With the dedication he has had for his patients and for the profession, his practice evolved and kept growing. Subsequently, the practice shifted to Massapequa, NY for a bigger and better patient care.


His practice under Island Neuro Care now provides a very comprehensive neurological care for the local community – Nassau and Suffolk Counties – in almost every aspect of neurological healing and rehabilitation. He is a very thorough diagnostician. He has a quick grasp of neurological maladies, their therapies and the expertise drawn from his empirical knowledge. This becomes very evident in his diagnosis and treatment of difficult and unusual presentations. With admitting privileges in two major hospitals – St. Joseph’s Hospital and North Shore University Hospital at Plainview, he is well known in the area as a very compassionate physician of a high caliber. Whether it be a stroke patient about to receive TPA or Guillain-Barré patient who requires IVIG or plasmapheresis, or any neuro disorders aforementioned, he deals with all the problems with confidence and conviction.